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To have Air Quality worthy of the names "Eden" and "The Garden Route"


To minimise the impact of air pollutent emmissions on the population and the natural environment of the Eden district.


Seven individual municipalities operate within the Eden region, i.e. Bitou, Knysna, George, Mossel Bay, Hessequa, Kannaland and Oudtshoorn.  EDM successfully created an air quality officer's forum where issues of common concern and interest are discussed.

To date all of the municipalities have appointed air quality officers, except Kannaland.  The Municipality of Hessequa has renewed its service-level agreement with EDM to the effect that EDM carries out all air quality work in their area.  Notwithstanding, the level of air quality management activities at municipal level is low due to severe human and financial resource limitations.

DM made substantial progress by the establishment of an official air quality management unit and partially filling the vacancies in the organogram designed for the unit.  Human and financial resource limitations remain serious, however.

As a result of the formal air quality management activity in the EDM the following is in place:

  • Official responsibility for the carrying out of various duties defined by the AQA in the region has been delegated to EDM;
  • An Air Quality Officer has been appointed by EDM in accordance with the Air Quality Act.   This officer is responsible for the day-to-day activities defined by the Act, but will require skilled human resources to assist him in his duties;
  • Officers are being trained to carry out compliance monitoring and enforcement duties as Environment Management Inspectors (EMI) - often referred to as “green scorpions”;
  • EDM has embarked on a programme to provide, or arrange for, training in air quality matters as and when handy courses are offered; and
  • The current air quality management activity is contained in the Air Quality Unit of the EDM’s Municipal Health and Environmental Services Section.  The Unit currently has a staff complement of two with a vacant post of administrative assistant on the organogram.

Clive Africa
Executive Manager: Community Services
Tel:  044 803 1572
Fax: 044 874 6626  
Email: clive@edendm.gov.za

Johan Compion
Senior Manager: Municipal Health and Environmental Services
Tel: 044 803 1525
Fax: 044 874 6626 
E-mail: jcompion@edendm.gov.za
Physical Address: Stationed at: c/o Sampson en Marlin Street, Extension 23, Mossel Bay   

Dr Johann Schoeman
Manager: District Air Quality Control

Tel:  044 693 0006
Fax: 044-6933159
E-mail: jschoeman@edendm.gov.za
Address: C/o Sampson en Marlin Street, Extension 23, Mossel Bay


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