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Building towards a district of resilient communities where vulnerable people are able to prepare for, mitigate against, recover from and adapt to hazards and a changing climate.


The Eden DMC believe in the 'added value' and complementarity of working together to achieve shared objectives and goals by undertaking joint actions and mutual support. The interaction between district role-players is guided by shared values of trust, mutual accountability; gender equity; a respect for diverse identities, perspectives and beliefs; a commitment to inclusion and participation; and openness to sharing and learning to build consensus and mutual understanding.


In terms of the legislative requirements the Eden District has a fully functional Disaster Management Centre (DMC).The centre is staffed with the following staff:

- Head of Centre (HOC), Mr. Gerhard Otto, 
- one Disaster Management Official, Mr. Wouter Jacobs, 
- one Call Centre Supervisor, and Me. Stella Bouwer and 
- two Disaster Management Interns, Me. Lee Ann Joubert as well as Me. Crystal Brown. 

The local municipalities do not provide any staff or funding towards the district DMC, but the following local municipalities have appointed dedicated disaster management officials who closely work with the Eden JOC, Namely nl:

- Oudtshoorn LM;
- George LM;

The centre is equipped with  joint operational command and tactical decision areas. 
 In order to stay abreast with regional emergency related activities a 24/7 call centre has been established adjacent to the DMC. The 24/7 call centre is operated in conjunction with provincial Emergency and Medical Services (EMS) and renders an emergency call taking and dispatch platform servicing the district as a whole. In addition to the EMS call taking staff the Eden DM call centre is staffed with four permanently employed Operators as well as two call centre reservists.

Clive Africa
Executive Manager: Community Services 
Tel:  044 803 1572
Fax: 044 874 6626  
Email: clive@edendm.gov.za

Mr Gerhard Otto
Head of Disaster Management
Tel:  044 803 1300
E-mail: gotto@edendm.gov.za 

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