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A Central Supplier Database (CSD) will be introduced to all spheres of government. Suppliers will now be required to only register once when they plan to do business with the state. This will significantly reduce the administrative burden on businesses. The CSD will interface with companies, SARS, Intellectual Property Commission and payroll system. It will electronically verify if a company is registered for TAX and what level of BEE status the company has. All public sector officials who are involved during the procurement process will registered and linked to procurement activities on the CSD system.

This CSD initiative will reduce the administrative burden on govenrment Supply Chain Management practitioners and address many of government's shortcomings raised by the Auditor General.

folder_icons/folder_yellow.gif Western Cape Database Registration Forms

The Western Cape Supplier Database is an internet software application that allows the 13 departments of the Western Cape Government to extract, manage and verify data received from prospective suppliers that wish to do business with the provincial government. With the information of suppliers at their disposal, it will enable any of the departments to find an appropriate supplier to meet their specific needs for any project.

What are the Benefits of Registering on the Western Cape Supplier Database?
  •  A registered supplier will be considered a verified supplier, meaning that it meets the minimum requirements to do business with Western Cape Government.
  • The benefit of registering on the database is that you will only need to register once to be able to render services to the Western Cape Government, Eden District-, Kannaland-, Knysna-, Mossel Bay-, Oudtshoorn-, Hessequa-, Bitou-and George Municipalities.
  • Eradicates the repetitive submission of the required documentation for each bid/quote lodged at various departments.
  • Allows for prospective service providers to be eligible to contract with the Western Cape Government.
  • Suppliers only need to register once on the central database that will be available for use by all departments/institutions.



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