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Monday, 09 July 2018
 The 2012 National Framework for Air Quality Management in South Africa, lists vehicle emissions monitoring as a function of a Local Municipality.   Not all municipalities in the Eden District have the capacity and facilities to measure vehicle emissions.  It is as a consequence of this that the Air Quality Unit of the Eden District Municipality (Eden DM) coordinates matters pertaining to air quality in the district and subsequently assist municipalities with vehicle emissions testing. 

Vehicle emissions testing is done by making use of the Smoke Check 1667 Opacity Meter. The opacity meter measures Diesel smoke in ‘percent opacity’, which is the percentage of light that is blocked when shining through a smoke plume. Results are shown between a 0% to 100% opacity.

On Friday, 6 July 2018, Eden DM undertook vehicle emission testing in Oudtshoorn in collaboration with Oudtshoorn Municipality. A total of 21 diesel vehicles were inspected - all vehicles complied. Each vehicle first underwent a visual inspection of exhaust gas - checking for excessively dark smoke, further testing by means of the Smoke Check 1667 Opacity Meter was undertaken.  The opacity meter gives a printout of the test results and states if the vehicle complies or not. Local municipalities have the option of issuing a fine or warning to those whose vehicles do not comply. 

The main objectives of this project are to create awareness of vehicle emissions and to minimise the impact it has on ambient air quality in the Eden district. 

Public awareness plays an important role in protecting the environment for the present and future generations as enshrined in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.  

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