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Friday, 29 June 2018

important_notice.jpg The following severe weather alert has been issued: 1 July  to 2 July 2018


Alert Level: Advisory

Valid From (SAST): 01/07/18 - 00h00

Valid To (SAST): 02/07/18 - 00h00  
An intense cold front is expected over the Western Cape on Sunday into Monday. The public and small stock farmers are advised that strong winds over the interior, localised flooding over the south-western Cape, heavy rain in mountainous regions, as well as very cold conditions and possible snowfalls over high-lying areas can be expected.

Description: Intense cold front
An intense cold front is a storm system characterized by a low pressure centre generating strong winds and flooding rain. These systems may produce torrential rain, and strong winds along the coast and over land.  

Precautions: Intense cold front
Dress in warm brightly colored wet weather gear (clothing). If caught unawares barricade windows with wooded panels or strips. If ordered to evacuate do so immediately and in an orderly fashion. Listen to the radio or TV for warnings and obey the instructions from Disaster Management Officers.

Last Updated ( Friday, 29 June 2018 )
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