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Municipal Health Services conducts Health & Hygiene Training at Tapas & Oyster Restaurant in Knysna PDF Print
Tuesday, 15 May 2018

It becomes more evident that many bacteria, especially foodborne diseases, come to life as a result of poor hygiene practices in kitchens.  On 11 May 2018 Environmental Health Practitioner of the Eden District Municipality (Eden DM) employed at the Knysna office, Ms Mendy Tyhawana, facilitated a Health & Hygiene Training session at the Tapas & Oyster Restaurant in Knysna.


Twelve staff members from the Tapas & Oyster Restaurant in Knysna soon after the Health & Hygiene Training Session. With them in the picture are:  Kitchen Manager of the restaurant, Mr Owen October (left) and Eden DM Environmental Health Practitioner, Ms Mendy Tyhawana (2nd, left) .


Twelve kitchen staff members together with the kitchen manager, Mr Owen October, attended the session.  Ms Mendy Tyhawana confirmed that the reason why she went to Tapas & Oyster Restaurant for the second time, is due to new employees who were appointed after she conducted the first training session. “As environmental health practitioners, we need to make sure that all staff members employed at food premises are aware of the importance of good hygiene practices, as the health of customers is in the hands of those staff”, Ms Tyhawana emphasised. “Your job as food handlers is important - take pride in what you are doing,” she added.
The following topics were covered, namely: (1) What is food poisoning; (2) How does one get food poisoning; (3) Signs and symptoms of food poisoning and (4) how to prevent it by using five keys to safer food, which are:
1. Keep clean
2. Separate raw from cooked food
3. Cook thoroughly
4. Keep food at a safe temperature
5. Use safe water and raw material


Participants listened attentively to the five keys to safer food and the practical examples made by Ms Mendy Tyhawana.


After the closing of the session, Ms Tyhawana said that even though some of the staff were new, she was surprised to hear that all of them were familiar with the five keys to safer food. “This means that staff members who attended the previous session, remembered the content of the session and also transferred their knowledge to the new staff.  This is also a confirmation that the efforts made by environmental health practitioners are not in vain,” Ms Tyhawana highlighted.
More sessions will be conducted by the Eden District Municipality throughout the rest of the year to ensure the health and safety of residents in the Eden district.

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