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Monday, 07 August 2017

On Friday, 28 July 2017, Eden District Municipality (Eden DM) Management appreciated Financial Services employees for their dedication and hard work throughout the years and for being Municipal Standard Chart Of Accounts (mSCOA) compliant within the required time frame. The Executive Deputy Mayor of Eden DM, Cllr Rosina Ruiters, and the Mayoral Committee members were part of the event where all role players were awarded certificates for being mSCOA compliant. 

The event took place in the Council Chambers. Long Service Certificates where also handed out to employees who served the organisation for more than 10 years. The following employees were recognised: Ms Louise Hoek - 10 years, Mr Nathan Juries - 10 years, Mr Melvin Kellies - 15 years, Mr Jan Grobbelaar - 15 years, Ms Cynthia Voigt - 20 years and Ms Rosaline Alaart - 25 years, for service excellence.



 Executive Deputy Mayor, Cllr Rosina Ruiters (3rd, left), Portfolio Chairperson: Financial Services, Cllr Jerome Lambaatjeen (2nd from right), Municipal Manager, Monde Stratu (3rd, right), CFO, Louise Hoek (2nd, left) and Supply Chain Management staff during the certificate hand over.

 Executive Deputy Mayor, Cllr Rosina Ruiters (5rd, left), Portfolio Chairperson: Financial Services, Cllr Jerome Lambaatjeen (2nd, right), Municipal Manager, Monde Stratu (3rd, right),  CFO, Louise Hoek (3rd, left) and staff from Salaries excepting their award during the event.



Excited Eden DM Stores staff and management, with Executive Deputy Mayor, Cllr Rosina Ruiters (6th, right) and Portfolio Chairperson: Financial Services, Cllr Jerome Lambaatjeen (3rd, right) during the certificate hand over.

Creditors staff receiving their award from the management and Executive Deputy Mayor, Cllr Rosina Ruiters (middle) and Portfolio Chairperson:  Financial Services, Cllr Jerome Lambaatjeen (2nd, right) during the event.


The Portfolio Chairperson for Financial Services, Cllr Jerome Lambaatjeen, extended a word of appreciation and said: ”Here we are today celebrating these achievements, but not without mentioning the excellent work and ethics from each and every one of you and the commitment from the whole of Eden DM. To the Municipal Manager, Mr Monde Stratu, Chief Financial Officer, Ms Louise Hoek, the service provider and all Eden DM employees, without your leadership and direction Eden DM would not have been mSCOA compliant”. Cllr Lambatjeen also alluded by saying that Eden DM appreciates the employees’ efforts when working late nights, long hours, as well as for their hands-on approach, and said:  “It is indeed a well-deserved gathering. We still have a long way to go and I know you are going to make a success out of this and success will follow us”.

The Executive Deputy Mayor, Cllr Rosina Ruiters, also expressed her appreciation to the Financial Services Department and all role-players for working hard and being dedicated. Furthermore, Cllr Ruiters apologised to Ms Hoek for the pressure that she and her team had to endure. “When I first heard of this mSCOA, I asked myself what a monster is this? We don’t understand finances; we are good at politics and for us to understand what you and your team are going through was difficult.  From my side I want to thank you and all Eden DM employees for the extra mile you went.”  Be strong for the next bridge you have to cross”, Cllr Ruiters added. 
Deputy Manager, Financial Services, Mr Tebello Mpuru in his closing remarks thanked the Municipal Manager, Mayoral Committee and Management Committee members for making this day possible. Mr Mpuru said: “It is one of a kind for employees and all role players present; it is not every day that we sit here and say thank you. May this be the start of many more to come”, Mpuru concluded.

Eden DM Council and Management want to extend a special thanks to the service provider for excellent services rendered - “you are an integral part of this organisation”.

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