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Wednesday, 07 June 2017

fire_update.jpg 7 June 2017 - 07h00


Situation report on fires in the Eden District:


1.    De Hoop / Kouga fire (Uniondale area) - Eden staff deployed at this fire
•    The western flank at “die poort” has been contained, teams are busy with mopping up.
•    The Eastern flank is high in the mountains at Mr. Nico Gerber but no immediate danger exist.
•    The Southern Flank has been contained no open flames visible at this point in time.

2.    Hooggekraal fire (Karatara) - Sedgefield Fire Service on scene
•    No feedback yet due to challenge in terms of radio communication with the staff on scene

3.    Kruisfontein fire (Knysna) – Knysna Fire and Rescue deployed at this fire
•    Fire in plantation completely out of control.
•    13 houses at Springveld evacuated.
•    Knysna has requested all available resources at adjacent local authorities to come and assist.
•    MTO will also send all available resources to this fire.

4.    Kruisrivier fire (Hessequa) – Hessequa Fire and Rescue teams on scene
•    Fire in mountain no threat at this point in time;

5.    Herbertsdale fire (Mossel Bay) - Eden Riversdale team as well as Mossel Bay on scene
•    No feedback yet

6.    Ebb and Flow - Wildernis (George) – George Fire on scene
•    One house on N2 side of Touw river lost in fire.

7.    Gwaiing R102 (George) – George Fire on route to scene
•    No feedback yet

8.    Eklandskraal (Close to Karatara) - No service available to respond

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 07 June 2017 )
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