Thursday, 22 September 2016


The 5th South African Toughest Firefighter Alive (TFA) Championships will be hosted by Eden District Municipality, in partnership with George Municipality and the Firefighters for Excellence Foundation in George.

This prestige event will take place on 30 September – 01 October 2016, at the Rosemoor Sport Stadium.

This competition solidifies the relationships between various organisations through sports.  It tests the strength, coordination, skills and physical fitness of firefighters.  Contestants are measured in terms of their fitness, endurance and skill sets, while they compete on a National, European and World Championship level. A full safety kit, consisting of protective clothing, breathing apparatus, a face mask and helmet is worn, but it doesn't stop there – competitors also need to carry an extra 30 kg of dead weight while performing. Some of these challenges will push firefighters to their limit, and will leave spectators with an understanding of how intense and tiring call outs can be. The person with the shortest overall time, is crowned the Toughest Firefighter Alive.

The different (four) stages of the event:
Hose Run
Obstacle Course
PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Run

The event is open exclusively to the following firefighters:
Municipal Fire Departments, urban and rural;
Professional, seasonal, volunteer, wild-land, rural and part-time;
Aviation, Military;
Ports Authority, Freight Rail Fire Services;
Petro-chemical Refinery Firefighting Teams; and
Professional and volunteer services from abroad.

The Eden DM's Firefighters have won this competition for three consecutive years and hereby request the public from the Eden district, to come out in their numbers and support our firefighters during the upcoming competition.

Eden DM would like to thank all sponsors for their contributions that will make this event a success.  They are:



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Financial Assistance Towards Further Studies PDF Print
Thursday, 15 September 2016


Applications are invited from students who are currently studying at tertiary or TVET institutions, as well as learners that have passed Grade 12, for financial assistance towards further studies for the 2017 academic year. The award is restricted to full-time study and attendance at SAQA accredited tertiary or TVET institutions and is ligible to any student whose parents are residents within the Greater Eden Municipal Area.



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Wednesday, 14 September 2016


It has come to the attention of Eden District Municipality (Eden DM) that there are individuals posing as Environmental Health Practitioners / Health Inspectors and demanding payment from owners of businesses for license fees, health certificates and health reports.
This is an  illegal practise  and the general public and business  owners  are hereby  warned not  to participate in any activities by  persons  that pose as  above – mentioned  officials .

All Environmental Health Practitioners employed by Eden DM, will at all times, be in possession of an official Eden identity document, which should be presented before any inspection commences.
This identity document is in colour, with the Eden DM logo displayed in front, accompanied by a colour photo of the official and his or her South African identity number.

The reverse side will quote the applicable legislation (in red), enabling the official to perform his / her duties, accompanied by a H.I. number of the official registered at the Health Professionals Council of South Africa, as well as the date of issue and the signature of the Municipal Manager.

No Eden DM official will demand payment in cash, cheque or any other form of payment for services rendered. Where Health Certificate fees or other fees are payable, an official document with a unique reference number with Eden DM banking details, will be presented. Any fees due to Eden DM should by deposited directly into the banking account of Eden DM.

All inspections undertaken by Environmental Health Practitioners are, with a few exceptions, captured electronically on a cellular phone and managers or persons in charge of the premises are required to sign on the screen of the phone, with an electronic pen.  Inspection books are only used in rare cases where the electronic program does not make provisions for certain types of inspections.
Readers are urged to report any irregularities in this regard to SAPS or any Eden DM office in their area of jurisdiction.



Dit het onder Eden Distriksmunisipaliteit se aandag gekom dat daar persone is wat sakepersele en besighede besoek en hulself valslik as Omgewingsgesondheidspraktisyns/Gesondheidsinspekteurs voordoen. Hulle reik vals besigheidslisensies, geskiktheidsertifikate en gesondheidsverslae uit in ruil vir kontant. Eienaars van besighede word gewaarsku om hulle nie deur hierdie skelms te laat mislei nie.

'n Omgewingsgesondheidspraktisyn in diens van Eden DM moet ten alle tye 'n amptelike Eden DM Identifikasiekaart by hom/haar hê en moet dit voor enige inspeksie aan die persoon in beheer van die besigheid, toon.

Hierdie identifikasiekaartjie is in kleur gedruk en sal 'n Eden DM embleem op die voorkant hê. Daarop verskyn ‘n kleurfoto van die amptenaar, sowel as sy of haar naam en RSA identiteitsnommer. Op die agterkant word die wetgewing ingevolge waarvan die amptenaar aangestel is, in rooi vertoon. Tesame verskyn die amptenaar se proffesionele H.I. Registrasienommer by die "Health Professionals Council of South Africa(HPCSA)", gevolg met sy handtekening en datum waarop die kaartjie uitgereik is. Onderaan verskyn die Munisipale Bestuurder van Eden DM se handtekening.

Geen omgewingsgesondheidspraktisyn sal enigsins kontant of enige ander vorm van betaling in ontvangs neem nie. Betalings, indien enige, geskied deur direkte inbetalings in Eden DM se bankrekening. 'n Amptelike betalingsvorm met Eden DM se bankbesonderhede met ‘n unieke verwysingsnommer op die vorm, sal in geval van gelde verskuldig, oorhandig word.

Alle inspeksies wat uitgevoer word, word elektronies deur middel van 'n selfoon vasgelê en 'n inspeksieverslag word op die betrokke perseel  ingesleutel. Die besigheidseienaar teken dan met ‘n elektroniese pen op die selfoon se skerm dat sodanige inspeksie uitgevoer is. In uitsonderlike gevalle waar daar nie voorsiening gemaak word om inligting elektronies te laai nie, mag 'n inspeksieboek gebruik word.

Indien enige persoon namens Eden DM dus kontant, tjeks of enige ander vorm van betaling vereis word ‘n beroep op die publiek gedoen om dit onmiddellik by die SAPD of die naaste Eden DM kantoor, te rapporteer.

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2016 - 2021 Eden District Municipality (Eden DM) Councillors inaugurated PDF Print
Thursday, 01 September 2016

The 2016 - 2021 Eden District Municipal Council was inaugurated on 31 August 2016 at the Eden District Municipality's CA Robertson Council Chambers, George. Thirty Five (35) Councillors from various towns in Eden district attended the first statutory meeting that was held in terms of Section 29(2) of the Municipal Structures Act, 117 of 1998. Also present at the inaugural meeting, were Executive Mayors from B-municipalities throughout the district.

The top three Councillors, elected by Councillors, are as follows:
•    Executive Mayor, Councillor Memory Booysen
•    Executive Deputy Mayor, Councillor Rosina Ruiters
•    Speaker, Councillor Mark Willemse

In his acceptance speech, Cllr Memory Booysen acknowledged Women's month and honoured his mother, wife, daughters and sister. He also echoed that "the people of the Eden district have spoken". Cllr Booysen promised that the elected Council will ensure that Eden DM is run in an effective and efficient manner, bearing in mind what the district municipality's responsibilities are in local government. Cllr Booysen has over 26 years experience in politics and served as the Executive Mayor of Bitou Municipality for 5 years from 2011 till 2016. eden_councillors_2016-2021.jpg

Top three Eden DM political office bearers appearing with the Accounting Officer, Mr Godfrey Louw, (fltr) are: Cllr Memory Booysen, Executive Mayor; Cllr Rosina Ruiters, Executive Deputy Mayor, Mr Godfrey Louw, Municipal Manager and Cllr Mark Willemse, Speaker.


The Executive Mayor also announced the Mayoral Committee members after his inaugural address, these Councillors include: 
  • Cllr Rosina Ruiters (Local Economic Development)
  • Cllr Jerome Lambaatjeen (Financial Services);
  • Cllr Khayalethu Lose (Community Services);
  • Cllr Tertuis Simmers (Roads Services);
  • Cllr Isaya Stemela (Corporate Services);
  • Cllr Joslyn Johnson (Rural Development); and
  • Cllr Erica Meyer (Strategic Services).


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Notice of Council Meeting PDF Print
Friday, 26 August 2016
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