Eden tests heavy vehicles' smoke emissions in collaboration with Oudtshoorn Municipality PDF Print
Thursday, 27 August 2015
The Oudtshoorn Municipality has on Tuesday, 25 August 2015, teamed up with Eden District Municipality in an operation to evaluate vehicle emissions in an operation on the N12. The Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Cllr Wessie van der Westhuizen, also paid a visit to this special operation.
Oudtshoorn is an area where vehicle emissions could become problematic due to the high volumes of traffic running through the town. In addition, the N12 runs through the town and this risk was identified and highlighted in Eden District Municipality's Air Quality Management Plan (2013).

Eden Air Quality unit embarked on a project in collaboration with the Oudtshoorn Municipality Air Quality and Traffic Department whereby several diesel vehicles passing through the Northern section of the N12, were tested for excessive smoke emissions.

The vehicles firstly went through a visual test, which was conducted by the Municipal environmental officers and traffic officers. If the visual test indicated excessive smoke, that vehicle was further tested by means of the vehicle smoke test instrument. The instrument measures the opacity of smoke by means of a percentage of light passing through a smoke plume. It is compared with the limits set in the Air Quality By-Law and a test report is served to the driver. Furthermore, a repair notice is served to a vehicle owner who fails to comply with the limit.

oudtmun_047_150825.jpg Oudtshoorn's Executive Mayor, Cllr Wessie van der Westhuizen visits the testing of excessive smoke emissions operation on the N12.
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Eden coordinates Roads training – “The first of many” PDF Print
Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Roads personnel from the Eden District Municipality’s knowledge were recently refreshed after they attended a two day Mechanical Horse and Trailer training programme that was presented by the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works.

The two day training session was conducted at the main-satellite station of Eden District Municipality’s Roads Department in George and representatives from Province and Central Karoo also benefitted from the programme. The purpose of the training was to expose and equip employees who work with horse and trailers, with the necessary skills and safety tips.

Mr Rodney Olivier facilitated the session over both days - 5 and 6 August 2015. Mr Japie Strydom (Assistant Manager: Roads) opened the training and wished everyone good luck.

The following aspects were covered:  permits, volume of loads, concepts, safe handling of loads and vehicles, driving methods, conditions of gravel vs. tar roads, the use of gears and brakes, handling of tools and competency, handling of material on the vehicles, removal of gravel, mud and loose items on vehicles that are transported, as well as the escorting thereof and relevant legislation e.g. Traffic Regulations.

Subsequently to the theoretical part, the participants were tasked to prepare a load for transportation on a tar- and gravel road that was in a poor condition.

Eden District Municipality’s Training Coördinator, Mr Reginald Salmons, confirmed that the training was presented by Province at no cost and further said:  “This programme was the first of many more to be conducted in future”. The Training Section wishes to extend a special word of thanks to Ms Bernadene Prinsloo (Administrator: Roads) who assisted greatly with the arrangements and logistics. roads_training_003.jpg


The following persons (in no specific order) attended the training session:  (Eden) messrs A. Cupido, E. Laws, M. du Plessis, G. Sinkfontein, D. Krohn, J. Klaas, K. Jafta en G. Fourie. (Western Cape Province) messrs L. Strydom, D. Oosthuizen, T. Plaatjies, T. van der Walt, N. Bezuidenhout and (Central Karoo) messrs J. Telles and E. Appies, with the facilitator, Mr R Olivier (right).

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Eden Sport Council honour sport stars of the past PDF Print
Thursday, 20 August 2015

A great historical event took place when the Eden Sport Council partnered with Eden District Municipality and the SWD Eagles Rugby Union, hosting an “ALL STARS NITE” gala evening, paying tribute to all players, athletes, team management and technical staff that represented South Africa officially as members of the Protea-, Springbok-, Leopards, SACOS- and NSC National Teams, internationally.  This prestigious event for sports stars residing within the Eden region took place on Thursday, 13 August 2015 at the Outeniqua Stadium in George.

According to the Chairperson of the Eden Sport Council, Mr Desmond Speelman, the idea behind the event was to thank veterans for their contribution to sport and to reiterate that the sporting community has not forgotten them.  He furthermore stated that, “The EDEN Sport Council also sees this as an excellent opportunity to enhance their vision of ‘NOT FORGOTTEN’ and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.” 

img_0490.jpg Sports Heroes who attended the "All Stars Nite" gala evening.







More than 40 stars of the past attended and this included well-known sports greats like Barry Richards (cricket), Gert Muller (rugby), Jannie le Grange (karate), Hendrik Smit (athletics), Nic Brummer (athletics), Hein Schnell (athletics), Awie Johnson (rugby), Christo Noble (rugby), Wille Olivier (athletics), Leatitia Muller (athletics) and Johan Windt (biathlon), to name but a few.

In the keynote address, the Acting Executive Mayor of Eden District Municipality, Councillor Lionel Esau, applauded the organisers, not only for bringing different sport codes together, but also sport stars crossing the barriers of the past. He ended stating the following, “We salute you, Sports Heroes.  People, who forgot history, cannot have a bright future.  The sport you have played, played a major role in changing South Africa.” 

Mr Desmond Speelman expressed his hope that this event will become a bi-annual highlight.
Each of the attendees received a gift as well as a certificate of appreciation for their contribution to their field of sport.

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Women's Day PDF Print
Wednesday, 12 August 2015

 “You are totally unique”

With these words, Eden’s Speaker, Cllr Doris Nayler greeted and welcomed ladies from the Eden DM Head Office, during a tea party in commemoration and celebration of Women’s Day.

On Tuesday 10 August 2015, all female employees from Eden Head Office were allowed a few minutes out of their busy schedules, to enjoy some special “me time” with a cup of tea and some sweet treats.

In conclusion, Speaker Nayler thanked women for being great mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and even grandmothers, to their loved ones.


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Eden Cater Care Programme Graduation Ceremony held PDF Print
Thursday, 06 August 2015

Representatives from Eden District Municipality and the Francois Ferreira Academy joined in the celebration of students, who participated in the Eden Cater Care Programme, during their graduation as Food Assistants. The ceremony took place on Monday, 3 August 2015 at the Francois Ferreira Academy in the presence of the students’ parents.

When Principal of the Academy, Mr Francois Ferreira, congratulated the 20 participants who took part in the July 2015 programme, he could not emphasize enough the extra hard work and dedication these participants portrayed in the classes. These words were perfectly aligned to the motivational message of Eden’s Portfolio Chairperson for Economic Development and Tourism, Cllr John Maxim’s, to the students when he said:  “You need to be excellent in what you do, in order to create a better future. Create or provide opportunities to others within your communities through this opportunity that was provided to you. Do not be selfish; share whatever you have learned with the less fortunate.”  Cllr Maxim further highlighted: “People don’t need to travel to Paris anymore to enjoy good food – it is right here; and through this we want you to build our own societies.”

Subsequently to the ceremony, Ms Maureen Somanthamba, mother of student Mr Sicelo Somanthamba, in a joyful spirit, said:  “This programme kept my son busy instead of him engaging in wrongful activities within the rural areas.  Now he gets a chance to go forward in life. I left school at an early stage of my life, so I want a better life for my son. I am thankful towards the Francois Ferreira Academy and Eden District Municipality for their investment in my son’s future.”

Principal Ferreira extended a heartfelt appreciation to the Eden District Council and officials, especially Ms Trix Holtzhausen, Eden’s Executive Manager for Corporate/Strategic Services, Ms Fathima Hassain and Ms Amagene Koeberg from Eden’s Tourism Unit, for making the Eden Cater Care Training programme possible.  The event was also attended by Eden’s Mayoral Committee members Cllrs Henry McCombi, Tertuis Simmers, Johan Du Toit and Sharon May.


This is how the students reacted after receiving their internationally recognised certificates in the Eden Cater Care Programme.



During the official ceremony, are (back left) Principal Francois Ferreira, (front FLTR):  Eden’s Executive Manager for Corporate/Strategic Services, Ms Trix Holtzhausen, Eden’s Mayoral Committee members, Cllrs Johan Du Toit, Henry McCombi, Tertuis Simmers, Sharon May and John Maxim, Eden’s Regional Tourism Coordinator, Ms Fathima Hassain and Vice Principle Denise Lindley, with the students.



 Mr Sicelo Somanthamba (left) with his mother Ms Maureen Somanthamba (right) after he received his Eden Cater Care Certificate.

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