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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Friday, 21 October 2016, marked another victorious day for Eden District Municipality (Eden DM) and in particular, the Department: Community Services when they won the Western Cape Greenest District Municipality Award, for the fourth consecutive time and on top of that received R130 000.00 prize money.   This announcement was made during a prestigious event which was hosted by the Western Cape Department Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, at the Devondale Golf and Wine Estate, in Stellenbosch. The awards were handed over by the Provincial Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, Mr Anton Bredell.


img_6579_1.jpg During the press conference, fltr: Mr Johan Gie (District Waste Management Officer), Mr Clive Africa (Executive Manager: Community Services), Cllr Memory Booysen (Eden DM Executive Mayor), Mr Godfrey Louw (Municipal Manager) and Mr Johan Compion (Manager: Municipal Health & Environmental Services) with the awards won at the annual Greenest Local Municipality Awards ceremony. 


Mr Clive Africa, Executive Manager of Community Services and his team, worked hard to keep the Eden district “green”. Excellence in service delivery has once again been achieved, exactly as the Eden DM vision reads: "Eden, a future empowered through excellence".


During a press conference held to announce Eden DM’s achievements, Municipal Manager, Mr Godfrey Louw, congratulated all role-players for a job well done.  He elaborated that excellence is one of the municipality’s seven (7) values and in cohesion with Eden DM vision; this achievement portrays a true testimony of service delivery outcomes, par excellence.


“Today, I consider myself as one of the most fortunate Mayors in South Africa, who took over a ‘well-run machine’, after the 2016 elections,” said Eden DM Executive Mayor, Cllr Memory Booysen.  “A municipality who received a clean-audit in the 2015/16 financial year; a municipality who won the South African Toughest Firefighter Alive Championships and now this past week, received the Western Cape Greenest District Municipality Award, for the fourth consecutive time.” Furthermore, Cllr Booysen extended his congratulations to the other municipalities in the district who also received awards.  In conclusion he mentioned that in order to ‘stay up there’, as Executive Mayor he will make sure that management and officials receive the political support in order to promote service delivery.      


From the four (4) District Municipalities who participated in the 2016 competition, Eden DM won the Greenest District Municipality Award, which included the following categories:
•    Waste Management;
•    Water Management & Conservation;
•    Climate Change Response;
•    Coastal Management; and
•    Air Quality Management.

In addition to this, the district also won awards for the “Clean Fires Campaign and the "Innovation Award" for the Enviro Health Application that is currently being used by Eden DM Municipal Health officials.

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Waste Management PDF Print
Wednesday, 26 October 2016
Waste Management – everybody’s business

During an Eden district wide study, it became evident that municipalities lack information, regarding the different types and volumes of waste, featured in their Integrated Waste Management Plans.  For this reason, Eden District Municipality (Eden DM) took the initiative, to procure the necessary equipment required to conduct waste characterisation studies.  This was done with the prize money received from the Greenest District Municipality Awards that was won in 2015.  

From August 2015, the Eden DM Waste Management Section conducted waste characterisation studies in the Bitou-, Mossel Bay-, Knysna-, Hessequa- and Oudtshoorn Municipal areas.  The reason behind these studies has been to obtain and provide a breakdown of the composition and quantities of household and commercial waste collected from different outlets and disposed at landfill sites.  This information is needed to ensure proper integrated waste management planning.
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Eden District Municipality in academic excellence PDF Print
Friday, 21 October 2016

pic_6479.jpg During the Corporate Services Committee Meeting, certificates were handed over to officials who attended various courses during the 2015/16 financial year.  Pictured are officials, including Councillors from the Corporate Services Committee as well as the Executive Managers from various departments.


A certificate handover ceremony was recently held at Eden District Municipality's (Eden DM's) Council Chambers on the 13th of October 2016, where 25 officials received their official certificates for studies they completed during the 2015/16 financial year.

Councillor Isaya Stemela, Portfolio Chairperson: Corporate Services, welcomed the beneficiaries and thanked departments for their diligence and hard work. Cllr Stemela called on everyone present to continue to build Eden DM by working together to take the municipality and the district forward.

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Crunch time is here PDF Print
Thursday, 20 October 2016

executivemayor_cllr-memory-booysen.jpg Firstly, I applaud teachers for their year-to-year efforts to create conditions and transfer knowledge to learners, especially to matriculants, who now, have the ball in their court. A learner who is effectively tutored, excels in his/her studies and becomes more motivated. Motivation directs behaviour toward particular goals, increases persistence in activities and enhances performance.

My call for action is that you do not allow socio-economic circumstances to determine your academic progress or failure, you need to exercise dedication and discipline - for these qualities will open doors for you.

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About Earthquakes PDF Print
Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Small geological fault lines occur is various areas of the Western Cape, predominantly in the mountains to the East. The Western Cape lies in a low earthquake activity region, but earthquakes of varying magnitude have occurred in the past and are still likely to occur at some stage in the future.

An earthquake may occur with one or more of the following indicators:

•    Strong ground motion
•    Fault rupturing
•    Soil liquefaction (When saturated soil loses strength and stiffness causing it to behave like a liquid.)

Earthquakes that have shaking intensities greater than 7 (VII) on the Modified Mercalli scale are likely to cause widespread damage. The extent of this damage will depend on the conditions of a particular site, e.g. liquefaction potential, ground shaking amplification, instability and fault rupture, building and infrastructure condition, response and recovery plans, and the community awareness of what to do.

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