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Friday, 24 March 2017

24 March 2017 - 11h00

Eden: Haarlem

The fires in Haarlem have been declared as being extinguished. A 12 hour period of monitoring the incident has been undertaken and there have been no re-ignition or “flare-ups” overnight. All responding crews were returned to station at 06:00

Bo Kouga
The fire at Bo Kouga resulted in a house and a rondavel on the property being damaged by the spread of the fire. All efforts were made to contain the fire spread with the available resources but the thatch roof construction of the structures made ignition and fire spread impossible to contain. Responding crews were returned to the fire at Haarlem during the night and returned to station at 06:00.

No further reports of fires in the area.


Greater Knysna enters Level 3 Water Restrictions PDF Print
Wednesday, 22 March 2017


 As Greater Knysna’s rivers face almost no flow and the Akkerkloof dam reaches 39 per cent the Knysna Municipality has announced Level 3 Water Restrictions with immediate effect.

“Greater Knysna has not had decent rains for months now resulting in all our rivers from which we extract our water flow being almost non-existent, we have no option but to place our Municipal area on Level 3 water restrictions,” said Knysna Acting Municipal Manager, Johnny Douglas.

Currently the Knysna, Gouna, Karatara, Homtini and Goukamma Rivers’ water flow are experiencing extremely low flow.


The new Level 3 Water Restrictions include all previous restrictions and dictate that:
-Municipal potable water for human consumption only
-Absolutely no watering of gardens (not even with a bucket)
-No washing of vehicles and/or boats
-All residents and businesses to restrict their usage to 20 Kl/month
-Residents utilizing more than the 20 Kl/month will be identified and notified to install water restrictive devices
-Punitive tariff (75 per cent additional) will be added for usage above the 20   Kl/month

“We are currently faced with extremely high water usage within the area. This situation can be ascribed to the many premises within Greater Knysna being unmetered, the dry conditions that are causing pipe breaks within our water system as the dry soil heaves, fracturing the water pipe in the process. The daily usage of our residents and businesses could further be reduced to assist with this crisis,” added Douglas.

To help mitigate the serious water shortage in Greater Knysna the Knysna Municipality is in the application process in terms of section 55 of the Disaster Management Act, 2002 (Act 57 of 2002) to declare Knysna Municipal area as a local disaster area.

The area has been under water restrictions since the drought in 2009, during which time the two desalination plants (Sedgefield and Knysna) were constructed to alleviate the dire situation at the time.

Knysna’s abstraction rights from the Knysna River is currently 300 l/second, but due to the low level of this river only around 100l/second can be abstracted. “This morning several reports of caveating (sucking air) water pumps were received due the low levels of Greater Knysna rivers,” Douglas said.

During an emergency meeting between the Knysna Municipality, Provincial Department of Local Government and Treasury as well as the Eden District Municipality to discuss the current water emergency, several measures were discussed to help mitigate the water shortage currently being experienced within Greater Knysna.

“The Provincial Department of Local Government through its Disaster Management Centre, undertook to take our current high-risk water situation to the Provincial cabinet to declare Greater Knysna as a Disaster Area. The various departments and Eden District Municipality have undertaken to offer as much support as possible to ensure that Greater Knysna does not reach Level 4 restrictions. This level will result in the closing of water valves to be opened through a roaming area 3 hour based timetable.(water shedding) In essence forcing us to implement water outages!”

In closing Douglas thanked all Greater Knysna residents and businesses for their water saving endeavors and asked that they join the Knysna Municipality in becoming the area in the Western Cape that utilizes the least water per head.

“I put the challenge to each one of our community members. Let’s show the world that we can stand as one and save our precious commodity, water,” concluded Douglas.

Issued by:
Knysna Municipality - Communications Department
P O Box 21, Knysna, 6570, Western Cape, South Africa
Tel +27 (0)44 302 6300 (switchboard) or 302 6471 (direct)
Fax +27 (0)86 215 4818 e-mail This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 22 March 2017 )
An update of the major fires in the Eden district PDF Print
Wednesday, 22 March 2017

22 March 2017 - 09h15

Eden: Haarlem

The fires in the Langkloof mountain range is still active with teams working on the fire lines through the night.
The fireline is approximately 12km long.

Fresh teams have been deployed on the lines to secure the fire before the conditions changes and changes the tactics being employed. The latest communication indicates that the fires are moving in the direction of the nearby farms.

Management personnel have been deployed to set up a Forward Control Point from where co-coordinating of firefighting efforts will be done and to manage this incident  in an effort to bring it under control as soon as possible. Once management are on scene, a further update will be relayed.

Radio and cell phone communications are very poor, hence the delay in supplying up to date information at this stage.

We have the following resources at this call:
2 Tankers
3 Bakkie Pumps
1 Command personnel
WOF team (16 members)

No further reports of fires in the area.



Last Updated ( Wednesday, 22 March 2017 )
Advertisement for the Business Development and Market Access Programme PDF Print
Friday, 10 March 2017


A call is hereby made for tourism businesses to tender their application for participation in a tourism business development and market access programmes for a period of 12 months. Enterprises eligible to apply should be legally registered businesses in operation for more than a year. Enterprises should be based in the following regions: Eden District, Overberg and the City of Cape Town.


Last Updated ( Friday, 10 March 2017 )
International scientists visit the Eden Disaster Management Centre (EDMC) PDF Print
Monday, 06 March 2017

Scientists from Romania, Germany, Hungary and the Netherlands specialising in Disaster Management related fields were astounded with the operations of the EDMC last week during their visit to the Eden District Municipality.

While Cllr Tertuis Simmers, Eden DM’s Portfolio Chairperson for Roads Services, warmly welcomed the scientists, he said: “The entire Western Cape Province is currently going through the worst state of drought and that the visit came at the right time”.

During the discussion, it became evident that Eden DM is indeed on the right track to ensure that the Disaster Management functions outstandingly to ensure that the living standards of Eden district residents are protected and improved. This, after Eden DM’s Manager for Disaster Management, Mr Gerhard Otto, presented a scope and operations of the EDMC as far back as 2005. During the presentation, Otto also mentioned about the Vibrio Vulnificus virus that made its appearance last year causing the death of a person and added that this case has the potential for research. “The water temperature specifically, must also be considered when such research is to be conducted”, Otto said. He further highlighted the Districts 5 priority risks and mentioned that it has become one of the districts priority areas to address the rapid spread of invasive alien plants. The latter is not only one of the main contributing factors in the increased intensity of bush and veldt fires, but also puts enormous strain on water availability.  

The International scientists (in no particular order) are: Prof Dr R. Liedl (Inst. of Groundwater Management, Germany), Dr. Agoston Restas (Director; Public University of Hungary, Hungary), Dr Dirk Jungman (Institute for Hydro Biology, Technical University of Dresden, Dresden, Germany), Prof Kees Boersma (Vrije University Amsterdam, Netherland), Dr J. Grundmann (Germany), Dr Joerg Szarzynski (United Nations University, Germany), Dr H. Börnick (Institution of Water Chemistry, Germany), Mr J. Seegert (Institution of Urban Water Management, Germany), Prof Zoltan Torok (Research Institute for Sustainability and Disaster Management (ISUMADECIP), University of Babas Baloyi, Romania) and (front, left) Dr Andries Jordaan (Director of Disaster Management Training and Education Centre for Africa - University of the Free State) with the Eden DM officials during the visit.

international_visit_3.jpg The delegation and Eden DM officials participated in discussions to bring about research opportunities for the Eden district.

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