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Friday, 23 February 2018

The François Ferreira Academy, in collaboration with Eden District Municipality (Eden DM), held a graduation ceremony in February for aspiring chefs of the district who completed a 3-month Cater Care Programme. Eight (8) Youth benefited from this initiative which seeks to address the skills gap and the high unemployment rate. The programme provides culinary skills training and a ‘foot in the door’ of the domestic hospitality and tourism labour markets.
Eden DM Council committed R200 000 to the roll-out of the training which was facilitated by the Francois Ferreira Academy. The Eden DM Garden Route and Klein Karoo and EPWP Units, coordinated and mobilised the trainees through a formal recruitment and selection process. EPWP is responsible for ensuring that students get a temporary job which runs parallel to the Cater Care Training, and they provide stipends to Youth during their studies.











Executive Mayor of Eden District Municipality, Cllr Memory Booysen during his keynote address to the students who completed their Cater Care course through the Francois Ferreira Academy. 03_small.jpg








Councillors and students at the official handover of Cater Care Certificates.








Councillors from Eden DM and Mossel Bay with the Principal Francois Ferreira. FLTR: Cllr Jerome Lambaatjeen (Eden DM Portfolio Chairperson, Financial Services), Cllr Joslyn Johnson (Eden DM Portfolio Chairperson, Property Management and Development), Cllr Erica Meyer (Eden DM Portfolio Chairperson, Strategic Services), Chef Francois Ferreira (Principal, Francois Ferreira Academy), Cllr Liza Stroebel (Eden DM Councillor), Cllr Memory Booysen (Eden DM Executive Mayor of Eden DM), Cllr Rosina Ruiters (Eden DM Deputy Executive Mayor and Portfolio Chairperson, District Economic Development and Tourism), Cllr Cliffie Bayman (Mossel Bay Councillor), and Cllr Isaya Stemela (Eden DM Portfolio Chairperson, Corporate Services).   04_small.jpg

Ms Denise Lindley (Vice Principal and business partner, Francois Ferreira Academy) and Mr Francois Ferreira (Principal) with the Cater Care Students after they officially graduated.  

Interviews with applicants took place on 07 September 2017 at the Francois Ferreira Academy in George. Applicants were recruited from the Great Brak River area with the assistance of the Great Brak River Youth Café and a Non-Government Organisation - Wonderful South Africa.  During an official graduation ceremony, which was held at the Great Brak River Youth Café, Cllr Cliffie Bayman, on behalf of the Executive Mayor of Mossel Bay Municipality, welcomed all those present and thanked Eden DM for their enabling role and commitment to an excellent programme.
Chef François Ferreira, Principal of the Francois Ferreira Academy, in his address said: “Today you are picking the fruits of your labour, this is only the beginning. Now is the start of a gruelling task of finding permanent employment. The path forward will not always be easy, but try to stay in the straight and narrow, because it comes with many twists and turns – I am confident that you will all get there”.

Eden DM Deputy Mayor Cllr Rosina Ruiters encouraged the successful students not only to seek employment but to create more jobs by starting businesses and becoming entrepreneurs. She concluded by pleading to students to register on Government’s Central Supplier Database.
Eden DM Executive Mayor Cllr Memory Booysen, who delivered the keynote address, said that the occasion reminded him of a time when he was working in the hospitality industry. “You are in the right trade; I would like to see you all provide food to communities by opening or starting your own businesses. It’s not always about money, but about your passion, if you remain focused and positive you will be recognised and rewarded,” said Cllr Booysen.
Students who successfully completed their Cater Care Training:
• Annelise Brits, Claudine Wuys, Enslin van Hagt, Ingrim van Niekerk, Rolande Cameron, Renice Roelfse, Sherilee Minnie and Waldo van Heerden.

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Eden DM launches a Pilot Household Composting Project PDF Print
Thursday, 22 February 2018

The result of waste characterisation studies compiled of waste being transported from households and businesses in the Eden District Municipal areas, has clearly indicated that huge quantities of organic waste are being disposed of at landfill sites in the district.

Most of the landfill sites in the district are already closed or nearly reaching their maximum capacity.  Due to this, municipalities need to implement drastic waste minimisation actions to reduce waste dropped off at landfill sites which will lengthen the life expectancy of the site and also to reduce transport costs from generators to landfill.  By keeping organic waste away from landfills, the production of detrimental landfill gasses will be eliminated.

foto2.jpg Mr Morton Hubbe, District Waste Manager did a presentation during the launch of the Pilot Home Composting Project in Gouritsmond.



Eden District Municipality’s (Eden DM’s) Waste Management Section, in collaboration with the Waste Management Officers of the various local municipalities, identified a practical solution to minimise organic waste from households going to landfill.  On Monday, 5 February 2018, residents of the Gouritsmond community attended the launch and training session of the first Home Composting Pilot Project.  This came forth as an initiative by Cllr Thersia van Rensburg from the Hessequa Municipality and Eden DM's Waste Management Section. Cllr Thersia van Rensburg officially opened the session, followed by Mr Morton Hubbe, District Waste Manager of Eden DM, who presented on the methods, techniques, benefits and possible expectations of the project. Mr Hubbe explained to residents that a one-on-one follow-up training session would be held with each household of the 30 participants. These participants will then all receive a composting bin and worm farm.


Considering that 30% of the normal household black bag waste contains organic waste originating from the garden and kitchen, the decision was taken to implement the Household Composting Pilot Project in the different municipal areas. Through this Project, garden and kitchen waste will be recycled into compost, using different recycling methods, such as bin -and worm composting. The compost worm castings and worm tea are then used as fertilizer in-house and for vegetable gardens.


In addition, the Eden District and Hessequa Municipal Waste Management Officers will receive monthly updates from the residents, which will enable them to monitor the progress of the project and capture data.  The duration of the pilot project will be for one year from the date of implementation, and it is envisaged that the project outcome will display to Municipal Councils that the exact quantities of organic waste can be diverted from landfills with the assistance and buy-in from normal households.  Also, to motivate Councils to extend the program to the rest of their municipal area. 


It is anticipated that the next pilot project will be implemented in the Mossel Bay Municipal area during March 2018.

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Special Council Meeting PDF Print
Wednesday, 21 February 2018

important_notice.jpg Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 29 of the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act, Act 117 of 1998, of a Special Council meeting that will be held in the CA Robertson Council Chambers, 54 York Street, George on Monday, 26 February 2018 at 11:00 to consider the items as set out in the agenda.


Date: 26 February 2018

Time: 11:00

Venue: CA Robertson Council Chambers, 54 York Street, George 

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Strategic Planning Session currently underway PDF Print
Sunday, 18 February 2018

“Success is realised when preparation and opportunity meet”. 

Eden DM is currently hosting a three-day Strategic Planning Session in Wilderness (George). The purpose of the Session is to discuss past, current and future highlights, challenges, opportunities and threats that the municipality identified. This Strategic Planning Session will assist various role-players to understand the linkages between issues and identifying the key drivers and points of leverage. This session will ensure that the strategic choices yield the intended results.


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Internship Opportunity PDF Print
Thursday, 08 February 2018

Eden District Municipality is offering a position for an Intern in the Human Resources Section.

The internship programme provides an opportunity to unemployed graduates and a chance to gain meaningful experience that will complement their studies and gain access to the labour market.

PERIOD: Twelve (12) Months Contract

STIPEND: R3 500 per month

FIELD OF STUDY: Human Resources / Labour Relations 


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