Eden DM Municipal Manager elected as the President of ILGM PDF Print
Tuesday, 21 November 2017
 Mr Monde Stratu, Eden DM Municipal Manager, was elected as the President of the Institute for Local Government Management of South Africa (ILGM), on 16 November 2017. Currently, there are nearly 300 Municipal Managers in South Africa (Local, district and metros combined).  ILGM is a platform where the Municipal Managers (Section 56 and 57) come together at an annual conference to share best practices in terms of service delivery models and how to deal with various factors relating to the changing political landscape in South Africa.
  stratu001.jpg Proud political leaders from Eden District Municipality with Mr Monde Stratu (seated), who has been elected as the President of the ILGM, South Africa. Standing from left to right behind Mr Stratu is Cllr Memory Booysen, Executive Mayor, Cllr Rosina Ruiters, Deputy Executive Mayor and Cllr Mark Willemse, Speaker.
  stratu002.jpg Eden DM Councillors stand by Mr Monde Stratu (front row, 5th from left) after congratulating him on his election as the President of the ILGM South Africa. 
 During a Special Council meeting today, 20 November 2017, Speaker Mark Willemse congratulated Mr Stratu on his election as the president of ILGM and said that it is a remarkable achievement which he has reached in such a short time of being a Municipal Manager at Eden DM.

Cllr Memory Booysen, Eden DM Executive Mayor commented that: "It is a major achievement and privilege for Eden District Municipality to be home to a Municipal Manager who wears the crown as the President of an institution that represents many of the Municipal Managers in South Africa. We are very proud of Mr Stratu."

While Mr Stratu leads the ILGM, his main goal is to see that the sector is professionalised through an act of parliament. Some of his other goals for the ILGM include:
•    An increase of ILGM memberships;
•    More beneficial programmes;
•    Continuous capacity building;
•    Life-long learning through strategic partnerships; and
•    Constant improvement of conditions of service for Senior Managers.

Read more about the ILGM by browsing here: www.ilgm.co.za
Special Council Meeting PDF Print
Monday, 20 November 2017

important_notice.jpg Special Council Meeting

Notice is hereby given of a Special Council Meeting that will take place as follows:


Date: 20 November 2017

Time: 09:00

Place:  Eden DM Council Chambers


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Plea to businesses and industry within the Eden district to adapt operations and behaviour PDF Print
Thursday, 16 November 2017

On Thursday, 09 November 2017, a Water Dialogue was held between the Kannaland Municipality, the Western Cape Government: Department of Economic Development and Tourism and local businesses and business associations within Kannaland in order to enable and facilitate a collective response to the serious drought and water security risks within the Western Cape.

This dynamic and vital dialogue session included information sharing and discussions on the current status of water shortages within the province, the economic risks of the water shortages, response actions by government and business taken to reduce these risks, the development of water services and technologies, business support available and how partnerships can be formed to respond collectively to the water crisis.


Mr Lourencio Pick addressing Kannaland businesses regarding the serious drought situation and its implications.




Business and industry are recognised as the drivers of the economy and development within the Eden district. Eden District Municipality and the Western Cape Government would therefore like to call on all businesses and industry to meter their water use, so as to identify and fix leaks and identify and reduce wasteful water usage; adjust processes and behaviour to only use water when required and in the most efficient way; apply water conservation measures such as installing  water sensitive fixtures; install alternative, more water sensitive operations and methods; replace water intensive equipment with more efficient technologies, install alternative water resource technologies such as rainwater harvesting, greywater re-use, blackwater recycling, groundwater usage; recycle water used within operations; and make employees and customers aware of the seriousness of the current situation so that they do everything possible to reduce their water use at work as well as at home. Businesses are also encouraged to understand the level of risk that their Western Cape based supply chains face due to the drought and, where possible, support their supply chains to reduce their water use and plan for their own supplies.

Please visit the website of the City of Cape Town, which provides valuable information and resources that can be printed and displayed within your place of operations, http://www.capetown.gov.za. The non-profit organisation, GreenCape, can also be approached for assistance with water saving measures at no cost to businesses. Email: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or visit: http://www.greencape.co.za/content/focusarea/business-support.

The Western Cape Government: Economic Development and Tourism can also be contacted for further information and advice.  The contact persons are Mr Lourencio Pick, email: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or Ms Helen Davies, email: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

The current drought can only be broken with three to four years of good rains and its impact will affect us all, for years to come. Businesses need to diversify technologies, methodologies and behaviour in order to adapt to a new “normal”.  We need to take hands in preparing for the coming water security impacts within our district.  All economic sectors need to take the responsibility of ensuring risk mitigation and water sustainability within their businesses.  

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Eden DM invited to attend Tourism Transformation Summit PDF Print
Thursday, 16 November 2017
 A Tourism Transformation Summit, themed 'Tourism for all: Radically Transform, Grow and Sustain', took place in Benoni, Gauteng, on 30 and 31 October 2017. The second day of the summit coincided with the commemoration of World Cities Day on 31 October.

Cllr Mark Willemse, Eden DM Speaker, Cllr Rosina Ruiters, Deputy Executive Mayor  and Ms Trix Holtzhausen, Executive Manager: Corporate-/Strategic Services, were invited to attend the summit. The Programme Director of the summit, was the well known Mr Tim Modise, a South African Journalist, TV and radio presenter. He is known for his position as the Chairperson of the Black Economic Empowerment Scorecard.

During the summit, the importance of tourism was emphasised by noting that it contributes approximately 9.5 percent to the GDP and supports 1.4 million jobs in South Africa. The National Development Plan highlights tourism as a sector where more jobs can be created, small businesses can be developed, and spin-off investments can take place as more and more tourists visit South Africa.

One particularly important talking point at the summit was the importance of establishing rural community tourism destinations or hubs. These would provide tourists with gateways to various unique community experiences and authentic tourism experiences, which would be of benefit to communities regarding income. It is therefore important to increase funding opportunities for new initiatives and the expansion of small tourism businesses.

Ms Holtzhausen, Executive Manager: Corporate-/Strategic Services, Eden District Municipality, who also attended the summit, said that: "Transformation of the tourism sector does not mean to take from some to give to others - it means that we need to create opportunities for as many people possible to participate and benefit from the benefits that tourism offers to our country."

tourism_summit.png The three representatives of Eden DM who attended the Tourism Transformation Summit, which was held at Kopanong Hotel in Benoni are: Cllr Mark Willemse (Speaker), Cllr Rosina Ruiters (Deputy Executive Mayor) and Ms Trix Holtzhausen (Executive Manager: Corporate-/Strategic Services).
Severe Weather Alerts PDF Print
Tuesday, 14 November 2017

important_notice.jpg Please note, the South African Weather Service has up-scaled the current severe weather alert to Warning Status.

Hazard: Heavy rain

Alert Level: Warning

Valid from (SAST): 14/11/2017 - 06h00

Valid to (SAST): 15/11/2017 - 11h00 

Expected over the Eden district and eastern parts of the Overberg from today (Tuesday) into tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.


Hazard:  Flooding

Alert Level: Warning

Valid from (SAST): 14/11/2017 - 06h00

Valid to (SAST): 15/11/2017 - 11h00

Expected over the Eden district and eastern parts of the Overberg from today (Tuesday) into tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.


According to the South African Weather Service’s (SAWS), duty Forecaster a steep upper trough is currently situated West of the country, this trough is expected to move over the Western parts of the country from this afternoon. Rain and showers are expected to move in over the Southern Cape during this morning, spreading northwards and eastwards into the Western Cape interior towards the afternoon.

Rainfall amounts ranging between 10-20 mm can be expected across most of the Western Cape Province today (Tuesday), with 30-40 mm in places over the Southern Cape (Eden district).  Heavy rain (50mm and above of rain in a 24hr period) is likely mainly over the coastal areas as well as the mountainous regions of the Eden district.

Periods of heavier downpours of rain are expected over the Eden district from this afternoon into Wednesday morning. Rainfall is expected to persist into Wednesday (but clearing along the West coast), with rainfall amounts of 5-10mm across most of the Province, but clearing from the west.

A further 20-30 mm can still be expected in places over the Eden district. Rain persists for the eastern parts of the Province for Thursday morning, clearing from the afternoon.

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